Tech Crampon 250

NEW! Updated Version 2.0, still the Lightest Crampon in the World - Brought to you exclusively by Pro Ski and Mountain Service


NEW! Updated Version 2.0 is 1mm narrower, has wider tine attachment points and larger material reduction underfoot to keep it still The Lightest Crampon in the World!

.Brought to you exclusively by Pro Ski and Mountain Service. Since its inception, the Tech Crampon 250 continues to be inspired, designed, and tested by owner and founder Martin Volken, and our staff of professionally trained mountain guides at Pro Guiding Service. Experience ultimate freedom in the mountains with the lightest crampon in the world! The Tech Crampon 250 is a steel front pointing boot crampon that uses the toe tech fittings of your ski boots as attachment points. When the terrain is too steep and boney to skin up switch to your Tech Crampon 250 and ascend the slope safely and confidently in any condition. A huge leap in crampon technology at 1/4 the weight of traditional steel boot crampons, you will never again make the mistake of choosing to leave your crampons in the car. It is the perfect intermediary between the ski crampon and the traditional boot crampon.This bomber tool has also been tested by a host of notable ski mountaineers from the Swiss Alps to the North Cascades. This is the tool for ski mountaineers traveling through steep mountain terrain. Check out the video below, or read a review from the folks at Wildsnow, or this review from by Dave Waag at Offpiste mag. 

We have TLT 7 compatible versions too, please contact us for information: 425-888-6397 x1.

Weight: 250g/ pair
HSLA (High Strength Low Alloy) Steel
Dimensions: L: 60mm, W: 89mm, H: 61mm
Adjustable front wing depth
Adjustable pin width
Leash included
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