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TLT Pro Goggle Black Out / nimbus Cat S1-S2 UNI


49918 TLT Pro Goggle Unisex

SubtitleLight, versatile goggles with adaptive lenses.
AbstractUltralight and with optimum protection with the patented anti-fog shield, and the photochromic double glass that adjusts in seconds to varying light conditions. Combines perfectly with the TLT Helmet with the TLT strap.
DescriptionThe TLT Pro is an impressively versatile, light, unisex ski goggle with adaptive lenses for ski touring and alpine skiing. You can combine them perfectly with the TLT Helmet.

All-round protection, see everything, and (hardly) feel them: The TLT Pro Goggles open new perspectives and round out your efficient DYNAFIT System ideally. On ski tours, your eyes need reliable protection from UV rays, snow, wind and weather. A premium goggle is therefore an indispensable accessory for any adventure and essential for the health of your eyes.

The TLT Pro Goggles were developed for demanding ski touring enthusiasts and ski mountaineers who place value on lightness and at the same time demand the highest performance. The premium photochromic lenses adapt automatically and infinitely variably in seconds to varying light conditions for perfect vision when moving from sun to shade. They protect reliably from UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

The innovative frames are made using a 3D printing process which can save 30% in materials and also huge amounts of weight. At a minimalist 63 grams, they are only undercut in weight by the DYNAFIT Speed Goggle. A large field of view ensures the ultimate panorama, and you always have your surroundings in view even on speedy descents. The hydrophobic lens treatment repels water, dirt and oil. The patented Anti-FogShield with double-glass technology prevents fogging up and guarantees the best possible field of vision during high-intensity up and down hills.

For a secure fit on your head, the eyeglass retainer has silicon grippers on the inner surface to avoid annoying slipping about. DYNAFIT developers came up with a special feature for ideal compatibility of the goggle with the new TLT helmet. The classic eyeglass retainer can be swapped out in seconds with the practical TLT strap. The strap is then clipped in directly to the side of the helmet and ensures ideal hold and that extra bit of a comfort. With its casual design and stylish colors, the TLT Pro Goggle completes every outfit.

TLT Pro Goggle – the versatile one for full, clear vision.
Product State New Product
Age groupAdult
Frame Materials3D printed frame