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Ridge Binding

$599.95 $599.95

With its ease of handling and strong downhill performance, the revolutionary Ridge binding is the ideal partner for ambitious skimo athletes who know only one thing for both climbs and descents: #SPEEDUP. Built on the experience from 40 years of pin bindings, the Ridge solves every problem confronted by ski touring enthusiasts on the mountain: With the aid of the patented Easy-Turn-Tech heel unit, the Ridge is the only touring binding on the market that allows a totally effortless rotation from the climbing to the downhill position. Entry could not be easier and, thanks to the intelligent construction method, it functions without even a glance. With the wide tension fork and Step-In Side Towers, athletes can step into the binding precisely. The front titanal toe stopper stops the boot at the height of the pins and thus puts it in an ideal position to fasten the binding. The time-tested Ice Breaker Pins keep snow and ice out of the inserts. In addition, the toe piece is built so any built-up ice and snow loosens and is pushed out when stepping in. That means nothing gets in your way, and you are immediately ready to go. On the descent, this light premium binding wins points with strong performance and excellent power transfer to the ski. Of course, safety and reliability always have top priority: Lateral and vertical release values can be adjusted from DIN 4 to 12. A forward pressure of 7 mm ensures that the release value remains constant and precise even with ski deflection. When it comes to ease of use, the Ridge is in a league of its own, demonstrated by numerous extra details and features: The patented brake has been developed so it will never engage mistakenly. Brakes are retracted in climbing mode with your first step into the binding and are activated automatically in downhill mode. The excenter on the toe piece and both riser heights are designed to be accessed easily with a ski pole. The second riser level automatically moves into position as soon as the first is folded down, making it even more comfortable to access. For hardpack and icy conditions, the Ridge binding can be used with ski crampons. Here, too, developers worked to add more comfort. The new ski crampons with the so-called “Quick-in Achse” can be mounted effortlessly both from the side as well as directly from the top. Especially on challenging terrain, mountingfrom the top works both more quickly and more easily. As with all DYNAFIT ski touring bindings, the Ridge has been developed in Germany and is made in Europe. Ridge – Ready to take off.