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AirPillow UL


Weighing in at an amazing 1.7 ounces in a size medium, Air Pillow UL is lighter than a package of energy chews – and it takes up about the same amount of space in a pack. So, the barriers to achieving proper head and neck support during a night’s sleep in the outdoors are vanishingly small; even serious weight-reduction devotees have become fans of this pillow. Air Pillow UL’s 20 denier stretch tricot polyester fabric is comfortable next to the skin and gives just a little, cradling the head and neck.

Air Pillow UL is designed with different surface facets to support the three main ways people sleep: back, side and belly sleeping. At home, a person pushes, pulls and molds a pillow to exactly the right shape for their particular comfort requirements. Air Pillow UL’s design achieves the same thing by creating asymmetrical contours. The center is concave, to cradle the back of the head for back sleepers and the thicker end cradles their neck. Side sleepers also benefit from the thicker end of the pillow, which provides the right height when shoulders are stacked one atop the other. For belly sleepers, the thinner end of the pillow offers the right amount of support height. And because of these different facets, people who find themselves in between these sleep positions are able to find in-between shapes that offer greater or lesser levels of support.

Two other important aspects of Air Pillow UL’s design work in concert: its air cell structure and the stretchy fabric. By changing the firmness of the inflation – more or less air – the shapes described above are more or less defined, making the facets even more variable. And with a little bit of stretch, the cradling effect for head and neck are enhanced yet further.