Dynafit Radical 2.0 ST

The final death knell for frame bindings.

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The final death knell for frame bindings. We are proud to present the new standard for frameless bindings. The Radical 2 ST is a further evolution of the Radical ST. Its simple operation and increased safety, due largely to the rotating toe piece, at last make the frameless system accessible to all backcountry skiers. The Radical 2 ST means more so than ever - that no valid argument remains for a frame style AT bindings.
Perfectly coordinated and precise toe and heel unit release mechanism
Pivoting toe piece for optimum combating of pre-release following sudden impacts (patent pending)
Ultra-low binding height allows direct boot-to-ski contact
Extra-wide binding surface area via new, wider binding rail / baseplate? Also bore-hole template designed in line with maximum norm dimensions, for optimum power transfer on to the ski
10mm forward pressure for length adjustment when ski is flexed